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    The Seduction of Montana!

    Join Everett Headley as he shares his heartfelt ode to Montana, where every line penned is a love letter to the enchanting streams and majestic trout of the Big Sky Country. Embark on a journey of passion and discovery, as Headley's words paint a vivid portrait of his deep connection to the waters and wilderness of Montana.

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    A Good Day

    “Come on, let’s go get in the truck,” I say as I grab Shiner’s leash. His ears perk up, and his tail wags as he rushes to beat me to the door. It’s early, probably too early for what we’re going to do. Most wouldn’t wake up at 4:00 and drive the better part of three hours…

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    Tigers on the Zambezi

    I was trying to balance on the front platform of the 17-foot bass boat with the waters of the great Zambezi River flowing underneath as we drifted with the current. I had just finished another strip retrieve and lifted my 8-weight rod to do a water haul to load the rod and cast back up river to…

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    Fly Fishing at Noccalula Falls

    I love to fly fish and I am always looking for opportunities to fish in my home state of Alabama. Most of the fishing opportunities are for warm water species in the rivers, creeks, and lakes around the state and there are a lot of opportunities from fishing the native red eye bass in many of the small creeks across the state, large mouth, and spot bass, small mouth bass, white bass and stripe bass in many rivers and lakes in the state. There are also many opportunities to fish for sunfish, bream, bluegills, etc

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    Heart Wood Trade Landing Nets

    I love unique hand-crafted sporting items, especially when they have a wood component. I just love the beauty of wood grains and the way polished wood feels in my hands; that is why I always prefer wood stocks on my guns. I like a beautiful wood reel seat on my fly rods and exotic wood handles on knives. I also like to support boutique craftsmen that make these heirloom quality items.

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    Giant Peacocks on the Fly in the Amazon Basin

    I lifted the tip of my 9 weight fly rod and flipped it forward to do a roll cast and straighten out the line; with rod tip pointed at the water, standing in the bow of the boat, I lifted it up again and at the hard stop the line laid out behind me, loaded the rod, and then came forward watching the tight loop stretch out before me, straighten, and then the red and yellow streamer landed on the water right on the edge of a mass of roots and limbs in the back of a pocket of water in flooded timber off of the Xeruini River in Brail’s…

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    Spring Creek

    Inspired by the artwork of Artist D. Rivers, Spring Creek tells the story of two friends who made a pact during World War Two to enjoying Sporting Adventures together if they made it through to the other side of the war.