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    Cast Horn Designs

    One of the classic ways to bring a rustic element into the interior design of a home or business is by using antlers. Even if the interior designer or their clients are not sportsmen or women, antlers are popular for adding that natural touch

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    Goodbye To A River

    In the Summer of 2013, I was a junior in college when I came across an obituary in the pages of Texas Monthly. A writer named John Graves had passed away. The author of the obituary heralded Mr. Graves as an elder statesman in the Texas literary world, and highlighted Mr. Graves’ book Goodbye to a River, a narrative detailing a canoe trip down the Brazos River, as the work that had put him on the map. The obituary ended as follows: “It’s an introduction long overdue: Mr. Hemingway, meet Mr. Graves.” Because I had recently completed my summer coursework and had a break before Fall classes…