• Fishing,  Lifestyle

    The Seduction of Montana!

    Join Everett Headley as he shares his heartfelt ode to Montana, where every line penned is a love letter to the enchanting streams and majestic trout of the Big Sky Country. Embark on a journey of passion and discovery, as Headley's words paint a vivid portrait of his deep connection to the waters and wilderness of Montana.

  • Hunting,  Lifestyle

    North Carolina Fossil Hunting

    Learn how a husband-and-wife team conquered lockdown boredom by turning to the great outdoors. From camping and fishing to hunting and, eventually, fossil hunting for shark teeth. Discover how they transformed monotony into unforgettable adventures, forging lasting memories together.

  • Lifestyle

    A New Destination for Southern Traditions

    In the heart of every Southerner is a story—a tapestry of traditions, a legacy of the land, and a deep-rooted respect for wildlife. It's this narrative that Feathers & Whiskey Provisions Co. seeks to honor with its launch of a new website that is more than just a marketplace; it's a celebration of Southern culture and a testament to conservation.

  • Culture,  Lifestyle

    The Battle of Hayes Pond

    On a cold January night 66 years ago, the Lumbee tribe of Robeson County, North Carolina, stood resolute against the Ku Klux Klan, culminating in the historic Battle of Hayes Pond. This decisive confrontation saw the Klansmen scatter into the darkness, their bigotry outmatched by the bravery and unity of the Lumbee warriors, forever marking a victory against racial oppression.

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    Something Old, Something New.

    I read a post on Instagram the other day and the there were two pictures of Case pocket knives and the author went on to explain that these were his Father’s and Grandfather’s knives and case was all the only brand they would carry. I had to smile as I too have my Father’s and Grandfather’s Case knives.…