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    Channel the splendor of Africa with Norton + Hodges

    First time visitors to Africa often report being overwhelmed by emotion: in trips they’ve dreamt of for years, they’ve conjured visions of veldts and savannahs, native peoples with perspectives and insights formed by millennia on this continent, and more variety in the flora and fauna than can be fathomed. Suzette Bussey knows these emotions firsthand and considers…

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    South African Wines

    The history of South African wines dates back to the mid-1600s. It was then that French Huguenots and Dutch settlers started planting vineyards. Most of these vineyards were located along The Western Cape of South Africa. The grapes and wine produced were supposed to help ward off scurvy affecting sailors as they made their way along the…

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    A Perfectly Wonderful Quail Hunt

    We were fortunate in being able to book a last-minute quail hunt at Back Woods Quail Club in Georgetown, South Carolina, where we have enjoyed membership for many years. The weather was delightful, with partly cloudy skies, a meager chance of rain, and temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. Unfortunately, two previous quail hunts had been canceled because…

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    Lamp Light

    We all have things we will deal with later, but sometimes we realize we don't because we like the company. What will the lamp light illuminate for you?

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    Spaghetti: The Scotland County Mummy

    When People think of Mummies they think of Egypt or even Peru, but they certainly don’t think of a small town in Eastern North Carolina, but for sixty one years there was a mummy in the town of Laurinburg. In those years man took flight , the world went to war not once, but twice, the first boot prints were left on moon, the Korean conflict and the United States involvement in Vietnam began and ended along with a lot of other historical events and during all that time a small unknown Italian man stood silently in the corner of a funeral home watching it all, the Scotland County mummy…

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    Some Bars I Have Known

    Seldom does one go to a bar to drink; more often, they’re the setting to something else. Pure background. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my time at a great many different kinds of bars in a great many different places. I’ve been to a place in Alaska that is serving cold beer at 8AM on game…