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    The Whiskey Ledger with Bourbon Apprentice

    Some people may think bourbon heads and whiskey nerds are a bunch of drunks. I think it’s extremely important to dispel that rumor every chance I get. The reality of it is that we are like-minded individuals that enjoy getting to know people better through sharing the spirit we all love. And there are many ways to turn that passion into a way to help others as well through charitable efforts. My third entry into the Whiskey Ledger is a great example of that told through an interview with Brent Hamby from the North Carolina Bourbon Society.

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    Photographing The Forgotten South

    Kelly Gomez was at a turning point in her life. She had been dealt a hand of cards, through no fault of her own, that derailed all of her plans. Overnight, things changed. She needed something that would offer a temporary break from reality. An internet search would be the first step down a path that leads to The Forgotten South.

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    A Guineafowl Shoot In Zambia

    Guineafowl are an exotic addition on many farms across the South, where they are used for insect control epically ticks. Still, in their native Africa, they offer an excellent wing shooting opportunity. A quick morning hunt for a couple of guineafowl for breakfast would be the ending of a beautiful hunting adventure in Zambia