About Us​

Feathers & Whiskey™ is a Southern Lifestyle Brand that is headed by the digital magazine of the same name. We are deeply rooted in the values, culture, and lifestyle of the Southern United States. Still our love of adventure takes us around the globe. We feature articles within our magazine on the Sporting lifestyle, fine art, history, interior design, travel, literature, food, spirits and more.

Our Mission

The goal of our magazine is to preserve, through stories, the culture, heritage, traditions, and lifestyle of the Southern United States while spotlighting travel and sporting destinations for Southerners worldwide.

The meaning of our name

The name Feathers & Whiskey™ is a combination of our passions. The Feathers represent the days afield; whether you are casting a fly for rainbow trout or sitting in a duck blind waiting on daybreak, it celebrates the tradition of the pursuit and our love of adventure and conservation of the wild. The Whiskey is when the guns are oiled, the rods are put away, and the dog is fed; it’s a celebration of our lifestyles, traditions, and culture. We raise our glasses to the things we love. 

Our Team

Robbie Perdue

Co-Founder + Operations

Charles Reedy

Sporting & Travel Consultant

Michael Maynor

Co-Founder + Editor-In-Chief


Gunner Hall

Online Wine + Spirits Editor

Andrew Todd

Online Copy Editor


Amy-Lauren Jones

Online Fishing Editor