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    The Whiskey Ledger with Bourbon Apprentice

    “Dad, what are you doing? Why do you do that?” This is a pretty regular question from my 11-year-old daughter as I’m nosing my bourbon one nostril at a time. “Because he’s a ______,” answers my wife before I can respond (you can insert, “nerd,” “idiot,” “tool” or other descriptive noun of your choosing). No matter how much grief I get, there will be no quit in my game.

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    The Wild Fowl Tastes of Twain

    When speaking about Mark Twain (1835-1910), we usually think of him putting pen to paper and not holding a fork. Twain loved to eat. Most people traveling throughout Europe would say the food is exquisite. Whether one is in Spain, France, or Italy, the cuisine is supposed to be the pinnacle of culinary refinement. However, for Twain it was far from it. Twain made it clear while traveling in the 1870s that he preferred and longed for good, ol’ American food.