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    The Doctor to the Dead

    Confederate dead rising from their graves to aid General Lee, a captive mermaid that must be returned to the sea to keep the city from flooding, a man that refuses to accept the fact that he is no longer among the living, and a medical doctor that turns his back on the living to be a physician for the dead. These are just a few of the stories found within the pages of The Doctor to the Dead: Grotesque Legends and Folk Tales of Old Charleston

  • Hunting

    Sheep Hunt for a Flatlander

    There in the scope of my .30/06 were the two rams we had seen two days and two mountains back: both past prime breeding age and fine trophies. As I lay there on the side of a grassy mound, I hesitated. Not only for the purpose of taking a careful shot. Many other thoughts raced through my…

  • Culture

    For Love of Poetry

    Poetry has the magical power to evoke emotions, capture complex feelings, and reflect Society’s ever changing values. With its rhythmic words and vivid imagery, poetry can capture stories and explore the beauty of everyday life unlike any other art form.