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    Big Woods :Review

    If you’re like me, the name William Faulkner does not evoke the image of a rugged outdoorsman. Instead, it conjures a little white-haired man in a suit, dark-eyed and mustachioed, always posing with a pipe. Such is not the case with his contemporary, Ernest Hemingway, whose safari “grip & grins” depict a sporting life inseparable from his literary legacy. But…

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    Freedom and Whiskey

    What does freedom look like? The definition of Freedom is, “The power to act, speak, or think as one wants without anyone interfering.” Sounds great, right? One thing to keep in mind is that freedom isn’t free and is bought and paid for by the blood shed of our American soldiers as well as those who are…

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    Anticipating the Hunt

    The seasons will soon change and it will be fall. That time of year that all upland hunters anticipate all spring and summer. Many of us have worked our dogs in the summer heat, spent sleepless nights thinking and wondering if that one bird dog will make the fall hunting string.

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    Five Quotes About Hunting

    These five thought-provoking quotes on hunting will resonate not only with seasoned hunters but also stir the curiosity of those fascinated by the intricate harmony between mankind and the wilderness. From the eloquent reflections of iconic figures to the poetic expressions of nature’s beauty, these quotes encapsulate the very essence of hunting as never before.

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    Northampton County Dove Hunt

    Northampton County is located in northeastern North Carolina and sits on the Virginia border. The county seat is Jackson, North Carolina. Once upon a time, I worked in this area when I was a Parole Officer in the early 1990s. Little did I know I would be invited back annually as a hunting guest of one of…

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    Stephen Townley Bassett: Saving African Cave Art

    Stephen Townley Bassett has dedicated more than three decades to studying and preserving the rich rock art heritage of Southern Africa. His passion has taken him to remote locations, where he has observed and meticulously documented these vulnerable masterpieces that are at risk of being lost to weathering damage.

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    The Intricate Connection Between African Food and Southern Culture

    When it comes to the diverse and vibrant tapestry of American cuisine, few regions captivate the culinary imagination quite like the American South. Deep-rooted in history and enriched by the influences of various cultures, the Southern culinary tradition owes much of its character and flavor to the significant contributions of African cuisine. From mouthwatering dishes to cherished cooking techniques, the…

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    Channel the splendor of Africa with Norton + Hodges

    First time visitors to Africa often report being overwhelmed by emotion: in trips they’ve dreamt of for years, they’ve conjured visions of veldts and savannahs, native peoples with perspectives and insights formed by millennia on this continent, and more variety in the flora and fauna than can be fathomed. Suzette Bussey knows these emotions firsthand and considers…