• Hunting

    Tar Heel Traditions

    In the faded light of his driveway, down the road a piece from his hunting lease, Chris Fuller hastily shoots a photo of the biggest deer he’s seen in his life and texts it to his buddies. This was not just any whitetail mind you, this was one that later would qualify for the “Book”. You’d never…

  • Quotes

    A Few Favorite Gene Hill Quotes About Dogs

    Gene Hill is mostly known for his outdoor stories or “yarns” as they are called. By far my favorite writer, Hill always does an amazing job of not only colorfully telling a story, but truly putting the reader there with him. He often does this by using humor that just about any dog owner or hunter can relate to.

  • Hunting

    Ode To A Chesapeake

    I walked behind her as she drove back and forth through the milo. She worked ahead of us, moving in no real pattern, but we had a routine, her and I: She would get twenty or so yards ahead and then look back at me; I would whistle to bring her close, and…

  • Culture

    Bath, North Carolina

    Bath is town in my home County of Beaufort and is located approximately 17 miles from my hometown Washington, North Carolina. Bath was founded in 1705 and was the first capitol in North Carolina. Bath is steeped in history, going back to its early days in the original thirteen colonies. The most famous personality in Bath’s long..

  • Editor's Desk

    Five Years of Feathers & Whiskey

    As we near the end of April, I want to thank everyone for supporting F & W over the past five years. In 2018, while I was discussing food, hunting, fishing, bourbon, and literature with co-founder and good friend Robbie Perdue, he said the phrase ” Feathers & Whiskey”. I was struck by the combination of those…

  • Culture

    A Tar Heel Aboard Titanic

    Twenty years ago, then North Carolina Governor Mike Easley declared November 24, 2003, Oscar Scott Woody Day. The day was set aside to honor someone that few people in North Carolina had heard of. Someone whose life probably would not have made it into the pages of history had it not been for the fateful night of…

  • Hunting

    Questionable Medical Advice

    There are certain times in your life when you look back and recognize the exact origin of your current misery; the poorly made decisions that eventually flourished. The chickens came home to roost… or in my case: turkeys. We were camping along one of the many tributaries of the Columbia River, hoping for salmon but settling…