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    North Carolina Fossil Hunting

    Learn how a husband-and-wife team conquered lockdown boredom by turning to the great outdoors. From camping and fishing to hunting and, eventually, fossil hunting for shark teeth. Discover how they transformed monotony into unforgettable adventures, forging lasting memories together.

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    The Greatest Trophy in the History of Man

    In the harsh wilderness of the ancient world, early humans faced the daunting challenge of hunting the mighty mammoth. Armed with primitive tools and fierce determination, they embarked on perilous journeys to secure food and survival. Their quest for the mammoth, a towering behemoth of the Ice Age, tested their strength, ingenuity, and courage against the unforgiving forces of nature.

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    Turkey Hunt 2023

    In the 1950’s the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission began relocating wild turkeys to North Carolina to restock the wild population that was on the decline due to a change in logging and agricultural practices. The program initiated by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission saw a jump in numbers of turkeys

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    Arizona Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunt

    I recently was able to hunt with Logan Anderson of Seven Anchor Outfitters, in Kirkland, AZ. This part of the country and this type of hunting were both a new experience for me. I have always wanted to be able to hunt Mountain Lion, but was never able to afford to go on a traditional snow based hunt up north.

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    Antlers I Have Found

    There’s a certain mystique surrounding antlers that transcends the realm of hunting. It’s not uncommon to find articles in home decor magazines and interior design blogs suggesting creative ways to incorporate these natural artifacts into interior spaces, moving beyond the traditional deer head mounted above the fireplace. Each discarded antler carries with it a tale waiting to be discovered.

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    Grouse Creek

    Because early people depended on bodies of water for survival and travel, they were among the first geographical features to receive names. They served as key points and markers. Their names were given by the Indigenous people, plainsmen, voyaging pioneers, settlers, explorers, and hunters.

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    Community Meat Center

    Step into the savory world of the Community Meat Center, where the neighborhood's pulse beats to the rhythm of butchery and the warmth of shared meals. Join us as we discover how this local meat center became the cornerstone of culinary camaraderie.

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    Dad’s Old Hunting Coat

    One of my fondest childhood memories is the elated look on my dad’s face when he returned from the woods after his latest hunt. He knew his land in northeastern Pennsylvania well, having grown up there, and he loved every inch of it. As the weather turned cold, and the small-game season started, Dad would walk through...