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    How To Ruin Your Bird Dog

    There are plenty of dog training articles out there that help you teach your dog everything from basic obedience to running 250 yard blind retrieves. Hundreds of articles will walk you through different drills on how to build your dog’s confidence or how to teach sit on a whistle. This is not one of those articles. I’m…

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    Freedom and Whiskey

    What does freedom look like? The definition of Freedom is, “The power to act, speak, or think as one wants without anyone interfering.” Sounds great, right? One thing to keep in mind is that freedom isn’t free and is bought and paid for by the blood shed of our American soldiers as well as those who are…

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    Anticipating the Hunt

    The seasons will soon change and it will be fall. That time of year that all upland hunters anticipate all spring and summer. Many of us have worked our dogs in the summer heat, spent sleepless nights thinking and wondering if that one bird dog will make the fall hunting string.

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    Northampton County Dove Hunt

    Northampton County is located in northeastern North Carolina and sits on the Virginia border. The county seat is Jackson, North Carolina. Once upon a time, I worked in this area when I was a Parole Officer in the early 1990s. Little did I know I would be invited back annually as a hunting guest of one of…

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    Robert Ruark, “Bwana Ndege!” the Bird Master

    Make no mistake, writer Robert Ruark was a bird hunter long before he even pulled the trigger of a rifle. The shotgun was the instrument that emotionally connected Ruark when he was a young boy hunting quail, ducks, and training dogs, with his grandfather. Though he is more well known for his wild exotic hunting exploits, much…

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    The Southerner’s Guide to Safari: Accommodations

    As someone who has traveled to Africa, I often get asked where to stay and if bathrooms are available. This is a reasonable question, especially for those planning to travel or hunt in the remote regions of Africa. We have grown accustomed to certain comfort levels in today’s modern world. It may surprise some that even in some of the…

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    South Africa Warthog Adventure

    It was day four of my African safari and I had already taken three of the animals on my Most Wanted list. The only thing remaining standing between me and hunting a bushbuck was a boar warthog. I bang-flopped my blue wildebeest on Day 1 but Nic, my Professional Hunter, had me put an insurance shot in…

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    A Perfectly Wonderful Quail Hunt

    We were fortunate in being able to book a last-minute quail hunt at Back Woods Quail Club in Georgetown, South Carolina, where we have enjoyed membership for many years. The weather was delightful, with partly cloudy skies, a meager chance of rain, and temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. Unfortunately, two previous quail hunts had been canceled because…