• Hunting,  Fiction

    Eternal Echoes: A Haunting Hunt

    Step into a chilling tale as we follow Josh on a crisp April morning. His mind, shrouded by the remnants of a heated argument the previous night. With sleep-deprived eyes, he journeys to the farm he has been granted permission to hunt. Hoping the serene silence of the woods will grant him solace and clarity, little does he know, he will come to face to face with phantoms from the past.

  • Fiction

    The Turkey Hunt

    The sun had yet to present itself to the floor of the canyon; reds and oranges were painted across the crown of trees as it broke over the eastern hillside. I broke camp. I drove along the winding two-lane highway that paralleled the cold black river, its current moving so swiftly that fishing from the bank required…

  • Hunting,  Fiction

    Winters Hymn

    Harland stared out the windows past me,his eyes fawning over a raft of mallards swimming. A slight smile emerging,his plump cheeks rising.Stout in stature and balding, he possessed a slight lean in his gate. "Daddy thought this would be a good place to raise us boys.The fresh air good for Momma", he said. His baritone voice..

  • Fishing,  Fiction

    Spring Creek

    Inspired by the artwork of Artist D. Rivers, Spring Creek tells the story of two friends who made a pact during World War Two to enjoying Sporting Adventures together if they made it through to the other side of the war.

  • Hunting,  Fiction

    A Lion in the Distance

    Stinging sweat ran down the face and into the eyes of the man with the big gun. As he walked he took his forefinger and thumb and squeezed the corners of his eyes at the bridge of his nose soothing the pain temporarily. It was mid-morning , but his light green shirt was already darker in sections. In front of…