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Heart Wood Trade Landing Nets

I love unique hand-crafted sporting items, especially when they have a wood component. I just love the beauty of wood grains and the way polished wood feels in my hands; that is why I always prefer wood stocks on my guns. I like a beautiful wood reel seat on my fly rods and exotic wood handles on knives. I also like to support boutique craftsmen that make these heirloom quality items.

I recently commissioned a landing net from Dustin Scott, owner of Heart Wood Trade. He offers several models of nets, the one I commissioned is called the Poquito. It is a smaller net with hoop opening of 5” x 9.5”, total width 5.5” and total length 20” with a net depth of 14”. I wanted a small net with a long handle for landing small trout, panfish and trout that I pursue in small streams in Alabama and Georgia. There are many options for woods for this net, the option I chose was oak staves from reclaimed whiskey barrels. I am also a bourbon coinsurer and I love having items make from reclaimed whiskey barrels. One of the signature features of these nets is the contoured handles that ensure a good grip when landing. The size is perfect and easily fits in my belt or in the rod holder on my kayak. The craftsmanship is superb; to me it is a work of art, precise dovetail details, the finish on the wood is impeccable and I am sure this will be one of those heirloom items that will be passed down for generations. I was able to take my new Poquito for a spin last week, using it as I fished from my kayak to land several Redeye Bass, Spotted Bass and Bream. I can’t wait to get back on the river again with my new landing net.


Brian R. Smith is an avid outdoorsman passionate about fly fishing, wing shooting, Safari hunting, and equestrian activities. He lives with his wife Gretchen in Alabama, and together they enjoy spending time with their horses and sporting dogs on trails, rivers, and in the sporting field. To read more of Brians adventures, you can follow him on Instagram @bohemianadventure