is a native North Carolinian with a passion for the sporting lifestyle and all things Southern. He can't stop buying books and loves collecting old duck decoys. He seems ok, but deep down inside, he wants to be back in Africa on Safari. John 3:16

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    Photographing The Forgotten South

    Kelly Gomez was at a turning point in her life. She had been dealt a hand of cards, through no fault of her own, that derailed all of her plans. Overnight, things changed. She needed something that would offer a temporary break from reality. An internet search would be the first step down a path that leads to The Forgotten South.

  • Hunting

    A Guineafowl Shoot In Zambia

    Guineafowl are an exotic addition on many farms across the South, where they are used for insect control epically ticks. Still, in their native Africa, they offer an excellent wing shooting opportunity. A quick morning hunt for a couple of guineafowl for breakfast would be the ending of a beautiful hunting adventure in Zambia

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    The Meanest Man That Ever Lived: The Origin of Spanish Moss

    By Michael Maynor There once was an old man who had lived such a sinful life that even the Devil got new ideas on being wicked by observing him. The old man cheated, lied, stole, and made everyone around him miserable. The Devil had enjoyed watching him for years, but his time on earth was over, and the Devil was going to collect his soul.  One night while walking home after a day of exceptionally lousy behavior, the old man was nearing the crossroads and saw a figure standing in the middle dressed all in black. The old man feared nothing, but as he got closer, he could tell this man…

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    Spring Creek

    Inspired by the artwork of Artist D. Rivers, Spring Creek tells the story of two friends who made a pact during World War Two to enjoying Sporting Adventures together if they made it through to the other side of the war.

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    Five Quotes About Africa

    Few places spark the imagination or have been such a source of inspiration as Africa . The continent calls to those with an adventurous spirit to come and walk her lonely lands, and in doing so, they will become bewitched under her spell. Here are five quotes from those that loved all that is Africa.