I am a proud native of North Carolina with a deep love for the sporting lifestyle and everything Southern. My book collection seems to grow endlessly, and I have a particular fondness for collecting vintage duck decoys. Despite appearing content, my heart longs to return to Africa for another safari adventure. John 3:16

  • Hunting

    The Southerner’s Guide to Safari: Accommodations

    As someone who has traveled to Africa, I often get asked where to stay and if bathrooms are available. This is a reasonable question, especially for those planning to travel or hunt in the remote regions of Africa. We have grown accustomed to certain comfort levels in today’s modern world. It may surprise some that even in some of the…

  • Culture

    Remembering Explorer: David Livingstone

    May 1, 2023, marked the 150th anniversary of the passing of one of history’s most iconic explorers, David Livingstone. Livingstone’s remarkable life and daring expeditions continue to inspire adventurers and scholars alike. In this article, we pay tribute to the legendary explorer, shedding light on his extraordinary achievements and the enduring legacy he left behind. Born on…

  • Editor's Desk

    From the Editor’s Desk: Africa Edition 2023

    Welcome to the highly anticipated annual African Edition of Feathers & Whiskey magazine! It is with great pleasure that we present this exceptional collection of articles that truly captures the essence of the continent in all its diversity. This year, our African Edition takes on an even more significant meaning as we commemorate the 150th anniversary of the passing of…

  • Editor's Desk

    Five Years of Feathers & Whiskey

    As we near the end of April, I want to thank everyone for supporting F & W over the past five years. In 2018, while I was discussing food, hunting, fishing, bourbon, and literature with co-founder and good friend Robbie Perdue, he said the phrase ” Feathers & Whiskey”. I was struck by the combination of those…

  • Culture

    A Tar Heel Aboard Titanic

    Twenty years ago, then North Carolina Governor Mike Easley declared November 24, 2003, Oscar Scott Woody Day. The day was set aside to honor someone that few people in North Carolina had heard of. Someone whose life probably would not have made it into the pages of history had it not been for the fateful night of…

  • Bookshelf

    The Doctor to the Dead

    Confederate dead rising from their graves to aid General Lee, a captive mermaid that must be returned to the sea to keep the city from flooding, a man that refuses to accept the fact that he is no longer among the living, and a medical doctor that turns his back on the living to be a physician for the dead. These are just a few of the stories found within the pages of The Doctor to the Dead: Grotesque Legends and Folk Tales of Old Charleston

  • Culture

    The Gray Man: 200 Years Later

    We are at the end of October, but we have over a month left in the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season. We have already had one major storm with hurricane Ian causing historic damage in Florida. Reports say Ian is the worst hurricane to hit Florida since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane slammed into the Keys with winds…