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    Bald Head Island

    Living in North Carolina my entire life, I am not sure how I spent a lifetime, no more than two hours away from Bald Head Island, and never managed to discover this amazing treasure. It is truly one of North Carolina’s best-kept secrets. It has a look about it that makes you feel you are on an…

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    The Pig: The Quintessential Southerner

    To study the history of the pig in the South, we must start in the rolling pastures of Spain—the dehesa. The dehesa is a combination of grassland and oak savannah found in Spain and Portugal and is known for producing cork and charcoal from the trees as well as the famous fighting bulls from the pastures. But, the most treasured…

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    Bourbon America’s Spirit

    All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon (more on that below), but one thing is certain, bourbon is America’s spirit, not the ghost kind. The distilled kind. I’d like to talk a little about it and how it has helped shape America. It is difficult to talk about American history without talking about whiskey.…

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    Photographing The Forgotten South

    Kelly Gomez was at a turning point in her life. She had been dealt a hand of cards, through no fault of her own, that derailed all of her plans. Overnight, things changed. She needed something that would offer a temporary break from reality. An internet search would be the first step down a path that leads to The Forgotten South.

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    The Meanest Man That Ever Lived: The Origin of Spanish Moss

    There once was an old man who had lived such a sinful life that even the Devil got new ideas on being wicked by observing him. The old man cheated, lied, stole, and made everyone around him miserable. The Devil had enjoyed watching him for years, but his time on earth was over, and the Devil was going to collect his soul.  One night while walking home after a day of exceptionally lousy behavior, the old man was nearing the crossroads and saw a figure standing in the middle dressed all in black. The old man feared nothing, but as he got closer, he could tell this man was not of…