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    The Whiskey Ledger with Bourbon Apprentice

    One of the biggest challenges with getting deep into bourbon is the intimidation factor – there’s a lot to learn, a lot to take in. You may find yourself enjoying a glass at a bar only to have your night ruined by some bourbon snob ensuring that everyone on a stool gets to hear him pontificate everything he knows when you’re just trying to watch the game or connect with friends. The silver lining is that for every jerk like that, there’s at least one hundred people sharing their respect for the craft or looking to learn what little bit of information…

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    The Meanest Man That Ever Lived: The Origin of Spanish Moss

    There once was an old man who had lived such a sinful life that even the Devil got new ideas on being wicked by observing him. The old man cheated, lied, stole, and made everyone around him miserable. The Devil had enjoyed watching him for years, but his time on earth was over, and the Devil was going to collect his soul.  One night while walking home after a day of exceptionally lousy behavior, the old man was nearing the crossroads and saw a figure standing in the middle dressed all in black. The old man feared nothing, but as he got closer, he could tell this man was not of…

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    Five Great Quotes About Africa

    Few places spark the imagination or have been such a source of inspiration as Africa . The continent calls to those with an adventurous spirit to come and walk her lonely lands, and in doing so, they will become bewitched under her spell. Here are five quotes from those that loved all that is Africa.

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    Sun, Dust & Borrego Cimarron

    Do you have that one animal that possesses your every-thought? I’ve hunted quite a few species in over forty years but there is no animal that holds my admiration more than a wild desert sheep. Desert sheep are survivors in the most inhospitable high places requiring the best you have to give both physically and mentally making a successful hunt all the more rewarding. It’s ironic though that such a tough survivor is having such a difficult time. The circumstances surrounding the population struggles of desert bighorn predate my existence and in many cases are still the same. In spite of the conservation success desert…

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    A Lion in the Distance

     Stinging sweat ran down the face and into the eyes of the man with the big gun. As he walked he took his forefinger and thumb and squeezed the corners of his eyes at the bridge of his nose soothing the pain temporarily. It was mid-morning , but his light green shirt was already darker in sections. In front of him, the native tracker walked looking for sign, and with every methodical step, it became painfully obvious the shot was no good. The client had rushed it, and now it was up to him, the hired Professional Hunter, to follow the buffalo and sort it out. He had not wished…

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    Ward Allen: The Shakespeare Quoting Market Hunter Of Savannah

    Its the late 1800s in Savannah, Georgia, on a warm fall evening, you are walking down the street and hear the familiar lines of Shakespeare coming from inside a bar. Outside the bar lay a couple of Chesapeake Bay retrievers patiently waiting for someone. Intrigued, you step inside, as the smoke burns your eyes and your nose fills with the smell of whiskey you see a figure in a wide-brimmed Stetson hat and a handlebar mustache quoting sonnets and speaking Latin. The man in the hat is Ward Allen, heir to the Allen Plantation and the last of Savannah's market hunters.