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    South African Wines

    The history of South African wines dates back to the mid-1600s. It was then that French Huguenots and Dutch settlers started planting vineyards. Most of these vineyards were located along The Western Cape of South Africa. The grapes and wine produced were supposed to help ward off scurvy affecting sailors as they made their way along the…

  • Hunting

    Robert Ruark, “Bwana Ndege!” the Bird Master

    Make no mistake, writer Robert Ruark was a bird hunter long before he even pulled the trigger of a rifle. The shotgun was the instrument that emotionally connected Ruark when he was a young boy hunting quail, ducks, and training dogs, with his grandfather. Though he is more well known for his wild exotic hunting exploits, much…

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    The Southerner’s Guide to Safari: Accommodations

    As someone who has traveled to Africa, I often get asked where to stay and if bathrooms are available. This is a reasonable question, especially for those planning to travel or hunt in the remote regions of Africa. We have grown accustomed to certain comfort levels in today’s modern world. It may surprise some that even in some of the…

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    South Africa Warthog Adventure

    It was day four of my African safari and I had already taken three of the animals on my Most Wanted list. The only thing remaining standing between me and hunting a bushbuck was a boar warthog. I bang-flopped my blue wildebeest on Day 1 but Nic, my Professional Hunter, had me put an insurance shot in…

  • Culture

    Remembering Explorer: David Livingstone

    May 1, 2023, marked the 150th anniversary of the passing of one of history’s most iconic explorers, David Livingstone. Livingstone’s remarkable life and daring expeditions continue to inspire adventurers and scholars alike. In this article, we pay tribute to the legendary explorer, shedding light on his extraordinary achievements and the enduring legacy he left behind. Born on…

  • Editor's Desk

    From the Editor’s Desk: Africa Edition 2023

    Welcome to the highly anticipated annual African Edition of Feathers & Whiskey magazine! It is with great pleasure that we present this exceptional collection of articles that truly captures the essence of the continent in all its diversity. This year, our African Edition takes on an even more significant meaning as we commemorate the 150th anniversary of the passing of…

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    A Perfectly Wonderful Quail Hunt

    We were fortunate in being able to book a last-minute quail hunt at Back Woods Quail Club in Georgetown, South Carolina, where we have enjoyed membership for many years. The weather was delightful, with partly cloudy skies, a meager chance of rain, and temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. Unfortunately, two previous quail hunts had been canceled because…

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    The Revival of Jimmy Red

    For almost 100 years James Island, located just south of Charleston, South Carolina, was the source of a high quality white corn liquor, also known as moonshine. The source of the product was a strain of corn brought to the area around 1910 by Richard Humphries from Screven, Georgia. He claimed the corn was used by Native…

  • Hunting

    Tar Heel Traditions

    In the faded light of his driveway, down the road a piece from his hunting lease, Chris Fuller hastily shoots a photo of the biggest deer he’s seen in his life and texts it to his buddies. This was not just any whitetail mind you, this was one that later would qualify for the “Book”. You’d never…

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    A Few Favorite Gene Hill Quotes About Dogs

    Gene Hill is mostly known for his outdoor stories or “yarns” as they are called. By far my favorite writer, Hill always does an amazing job of not only colorfully telling a story, but truly putting the reader there with him. He often does this by using humor that just about any dog owner or hunter can relate to.