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    The Best Food I Never Ate

    In Charleston's ever-evolving culinary tapestry, I overlooked the chance to dine at Martha Lou's Kitchen, a bastion of Southern cooking. Let my tale of the best food I never ate be your call to action—seize the moment and savor the experiences you yearn for before they vanish.

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    To The Captain From This Kid

    I hesitate to write this for many reasons. I mean, take your pick; being teased when I was wet behind the ears and full of dreams for liking his music when seemingly his audience was drinking bottles of their favorite octogenarian nutrition shakes, or maybe I am reserved about writing my thoughts down because I won’t do…

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    Beaufort by the Sea

    Nestled along the East Coast are two historic towns that, despite sharing a name and a penchant for Southern charm, offer distinct experiences steeped in the richness of American history and coastal culture. In this feature, we delve into the heart of these coastal havens, exploring them through the lens of a Southern lifestyle that Feathers & Whiskey readers cherish.

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    A New Destination for Southern Traditions

    In the heart of every Southerner is a story—a tapestry of traditions, a legacy of the land, and a deep-rooted respect for wildlife. It's this narrative that Feathers & Whiskey Provisions Co. seeks to honor with its launch of a new website that is more than just a marketplace; it's a celebration of Southern culture and a testament to conservation.

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    Grouse Creek

    Because early people depended on bodies of water for survival and travel, they were among the first geographical features to receive names. They served as key points and markers. Their names were given by the Indigenous people, plainsmen, voyaging pioneers, settlers, explorers, and hunters.

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    Community Meat Center

    Step into the savory world of the Community Meat Center, where the neighborhood's pulse beats to the rhythm of butchery and the warmth of shared meals. Join us as we discover how this local meat center became the cornerstone of culinary camaraderie.

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    The Battle of Hayes Pond

    On a cold January night 66 years ago, the Lumbee tribe of Robeson County, North Carolina, stood resolute against the Ku Klux Klan, culminating in the historic Battle of Hayes Pond. This decisive confrontation saw the Klansmen scatter into the darkness, their bigotry outmatched by the bravery and unity of the Lumbee warriors, forever marking a victory against racial oppression.

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    The Tree That Owns Itself

    For and in consideration of the great love I bear this tree, and the great desire for its protection for all time, I convey entire possession of itself and of all land eight feet of the tree on all sides. - William H. Jackson