Holiday Gift Ideas: 2022

By Robbie Perdue & Michael Maynor

It’s never too early to start your hunt for the perfect holiday gift. The good news is that there are no bag limits. Act now before the season closes!


Dixie Decoys- Collectors Series Diver Decoys

Dixie Decoys, Collectors Series Diver Decoys

Modern materials meet vintage craftsmanship. These limited edition decoys are hand-painted, signed, and individually numbered. These work great in the field or on display in your home office or library.

African Sporting Creations-Shooting Sticks

You don’t want to wait till you are in Africa to practice shooting off “the sticks”. These shooting sticks from African Sporting Creations are made in the USA and come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. 

Dead On Display- Skull Hangers

Non-visiable once mounted, these skull hangers are earthquake proof. I have one currently holding up a bison skull above my bar cart. Display your trophies with confidence.


Ernest Hemingway Inshore- Signature EH20

Designed for fishing Tarpon off Key West Florida, the EH20 has become a favorite reel for anglers worldwide. Includes a patent pending free-spool braking system that prevents over spooling.

Heart Wood Trade- Landing Nets

Handcrafted from fine hardwoods by commission, each landing net takes weeks to build. A wonderful combination of functionality and heirloom quality.

Oyster Bamboo- Fly Rods

Offering custom bamboo fly rods, bamboo rod making classes, and a complete assortment of traditionally styled reels, lines, and accessories,


Winyah Outdoors- Blue Patch Hats

Winyah LLC is inspired by Winyah Bay in South Carolina and has a vision to create a clothing brand that families can share memories in while being outdoors. Find your next favorite Hat 

Norton and Hodges- Vintage Collection Fox Fur Collar

A combination of comfort and elegance, this redesign of a vintage fox fur coat yielded 8 beautiful collars. They are lined with duchess silk and include Swarovski crystal buttons.

Cast Horn Designs- Lighting

These faux antler products provide an authentic rustic charm and antler lighting to any room. Proudly produced by hand in the USA.

BareBones-Railroad Lantern

The convenience of modern tech with a rustic look. These railroad lanterns really look great as a pair.

Maritime Supply Co. - Pendants

The North Carolina State motto is Esse quam videri which means ” to be rather than to seem.” That motto has always held a special place in my heart for various reasons, so I was thrilled when I came across a pendant from Maritime Supply Co that had that motto engraved. I had to have it. I like wearing it and being reminded of my home state and to be rather than to seem in my daily life. Maritime Supply Co is a South Carolina-based company with various pendants and apparel; check them out! – Michael Maynor


John Tolmay's - Bronze Africa

Art should speak to you. Looking at this piece, from artist John Tolmay, I can almost hear a David Attenborough narration.

Ryan Kirby- Prints

There is quite a bit of wonderful stuff on this website, but you can’t go wrong with “The Growth and Maturity of the White-tailed Buck” paper print.

Haute Horns- Skull Art

Want something different than the standard euro mount? Consider a bejeweled mount from Annlyn. Another option is commissioned work on your own trophy skull.


Jim Crews- Amid the Cypress

To say Jim Crews has a passion for waterfowl would be an understatement . His love of chasing ducks with a shotgun has taken him around the globe and in his debut book he shares some of his most cherished adventures with family and friends. This book belongs on the shelf of anyone with a passion for waterfowl, but the only way to get a copy is to contact Jim himself. Tell him we said Hi!

Vivian Howard- Deep Run Roots

Deep Run Roots  buy it for the the recipes, read it over and over for the stories.

More than a Calling- The Fly By : Season 1

Written by a collective effort of waterfowlers, the stories communicate their personal experiences with God that apply to everyday living. The Fly By: Season 1 

Roger Pinckney- Blue Roots

“Raised in the heart of Gullah country, author Roger Pinckney provides an inside look at the history, practices and people of Gullah country, off the coast of South Carolina. On the plantations of the American South, slaves passed their African roots to their descendants in a rich and lasting oral tradition, a tradition that survives today. Prominent among Gullah culture was the belief in herbalism, spiritualism, and black magic. Meet Dr. Bug, Dr. Fly, Dr. Crow and the infamous Dr. Buzzard, professional root doctors who can administer a root to bring money, find love, or cure ailments.” You want Blue Roots on your bookshelf! 

Scott Hendrix- The Garden Spot

Meet fifteen-year-old golf sensation Russ Crawford. His mother was a beautiful University of Mississippi Homecoming Queen turned prostitute on the run from a client after she stole two of his most important possessions.His father, a once successful real estate developer, turned alcoholic, makes worse an already bad father-son relationship. The Garden Spot is a youthful journey to self-discovery and a bold warning for poor choices made in the name of greed.


Cape Fear Distillery-Gamefish Vodka

Combining amazing art by marine wildlife artist Steve Goione and support for the Cape Fear Distillery Conservation Foundation, this vodka is a feel-good product in more ways than one.

High Wire Distilling Co. - Jimmy Red Revival

A  truly unique bourbon. You can almost taste the dogged determination of the people of James Island that kept this corn alive over generations.

Papa's Pilar Rum- 2022 Anniversary Bundle

Dark rum finished in French oak apple brandy casks with prominent notes of vanilla bean, honeysuckle and green apple with a rich dark honey finish. Very limited quantities, so act fast!


Spaceman Knives- Kitchen Knives

“ It’s been my favorite so far! I use it almost daily and I havent had to sharpen it yet” – Chelsea German – Southern Grits Kitchen

Le Creuset- Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

This skillet is available in a variety of sizes and colors, but all of them combine the performance of cast iron, the convenience of an enameled surface, and the quality of Le Creuset.

Deer Dishes - Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Bring the Outdoors In with this set 12 Piece Deer Plate and Bowl Set. 

Black Lantern- Whiskey Glasses

Gorgeous forest design is printed by hand on the whiskey glasses with an ink that is fired after printing to ensure the prints won’t fade or wash off. So pretty you will almost not want to use them. Well, almost.

We wish our family, friends, and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for the support you continue to show us, and we look forward to what the New Year Brings for each of you!


is a native North Carolinian who enjoys cooking, butchery, and is passionate about all things BBQ. He straddles two worlds as an IT professional and a farmer who loves heritage livestock and heirloom vegetables. His perfect day would be hunting deer, dove, or ducks then babysitting his smoker while watching the sunset over the blackwater of Lake Waccamaw.