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Arno Bernard Knives

By Brian Smith

I love collecting handmade sporting equipment like knives, fly rods, guns, etc.  I look at these things as functional works of art and nice pieces can be passed down as heirlooms for generations.  I especially like collecting fine, handmade knives.  I recently purchased an Arno Bernard handmade knife and I am impressed by the fit, materials and beauty of the newest piece in my collection.

Arno Bernard is a knife maker out of South Africa.  The blades are made with Bohler N690 stainless steel with a 59-60 hardness on the Rockwell hardness scale.  My knife is nicely polished into a beautiful blade and hold a nice sharp edge.  The model I purchased is the Fin & Fur with mammoth molar handle.  It features a kangaroo leather lanyard with a mammoth molar bead.  The mammoth molar handle has distinctive striations and is finely polished to create a beautiful handle.  The sheath is a wraparound that covers more than ¾ the entire length of the knife and it is made from Ostrich Shin leather.  These are custom hand sewn safety sheaths that hold the knife securely in place by locking the bead under the clasp.

Arno Bernard has many models to choose from to include fixed blade and folding knives.  There is also a wide range of exotic handles to include mammoth molar, mammoth tusk, warthog ivory, kudo horn and bone, giraffe bone, sheep horn, etc.  I am highly impressed with the quality of this knife and I look forward to adding others to my collection by Arno Bernard.


Brian R. Smith is an avid outdoorsman passionate about fly fishing, wing shooting, Safari hunting, and equestrian activities. He lives with his wife Gretchen in Alabama, and together they enjoy spending time with their horses and sporting dogs on trails, rivers, and in the sporting field. To read more of Brians adventures, you can follow him on Instagram @bohemianadventure