• Hunting

    South African Adventure: Pt.2

    It's now Tuesday morning, May 24th. I learn at breakfast that Diane, Henry and Dennis are going to spend the day visiting Kruger Park. It's time for my buff hunt to get serious. We drop them off at a car they have rented which was left a distance from the camp. As they leave, we learn from…

  • Editor's Desk

    From the Editor’s Desk

    It is the end of June as I sit in my office and write this letter, and as I type on the keyboard I feel the excitement building for July, for I know the month will be all about Africa! I could spend hours discussing how much I love the continent, its people, and its wildlife and how excited I am to devote a month to articles that share the magic that is the Dark Continent’s beauty and adventure, but I won’t. On the other hand, I will offer insight into why we started Africa month and what you can expect in the upcoming articles.